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Inspired by people, and the lives they have lived, innovative and inclusive meandering through the world is like walking through the Aussie bush –  hot, full of amazing surprises, without guide posts. A strong focus on my place, an adventurous craving for greater knowledge and
a “Brave and Bold” approach is behind all the activity on the site.

Author: Jenn Rynn

Getting Deeper Into the Arts

Reading Lots. Write More. Draw.

A cohesive program is not essential to be effective. There will be gaps.  They won’t be critical. My strategy is to be social as we explore everything from poetry to painting.


Jen’s exhibition, past present and future, will be detailed here. Click ‘All Exhibitions’ link below to look at some of Jenn’s works.

a dancing class, moment of emotion

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Professionally framed in glass,  Oil Pastel, A3, work on paper.


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Writing goes a long way to understanding your place in the world. Whispers become clearer. Time writing helps you adjust your understandings and comprehension of people and places. Jenn has included her books, teaching and learning ebooks, workshop and email events in the site. Click the title to go exploring.

Maybe you have trouble tracking success in your career, your writing or poetry.Here’s what Jenn thinks. 1. Wasting time trying very hard to breakthrough, keeps a smile on your face. 2. Effectiveness can be overrated in the early days. 3.  Checklists to find out where you can enhance your your optimism.


The site is full of them! Just relax , click around and have a look.

Ebook, handbook for career advice. Xlibris

Jenn's based in Central Queensland, Works on her creative side on 40 acres of beautiful bush. Projects and ideas come easily in the bush setting.

Ephemeral, public art projects using paint and flora  are easy to find. Perception crashes through when words and marks pull at you. Invite yourself, identify parts of your life, at any moment, that gives you an emotional response.
Plan to create.

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