Art from the Heart 😐 That’s Where We Start

About The Gallery

Art Heart and Health fit snugly together, like the shell around an egg. Studio Agnes is the shell that protects and supports artists by:

  1. talking to people
  2. listening to people tell their stories
  3. creating local history stories, about everyday life

That is the Gallery passion and mission in a nutshell.


Virtual Exhibitions

Art that comes from the heart is good art! Artists understand the urge to create should not  be ignored.   Whatever it takes – thoughts, plans, marks and pixels – to engage with a creative spirit in a moment. Studio Agnes supports those  URGES and the magic they create. 

The Curator

Jennifer Ryan’s three main reasons why moving into the curators is important in her art life  – awareness of physical audience, colour and contrast, and light effects on image impressions.

Black white image girl imploring

The process of finding, analysing, and communicating visible and invisible emotions involves an almost-constant acquisition of ideas, skills, views, and an  understanding of the possibilities. Artists owe a debt to those they have noticed, who have filled them with information, sparked their inspiration, and given ideas form and function.

“Artists are always expecting, looking forward for an arrival.”

Jennifer Ryan

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