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Concerned that she was a ‘self-taught’ artist, Jennifer was initially reluctant to share her work. Eventually, her brave and bold nature won through. This her second exhibition, allows you to identify major themes and styles.

Lady in Red, $250

2021 acrylic painting. Jennifer prefers realistic abstract works to share emotions that tell about stories of country life. Purchase Reference: 21LIRacr

Js World, $75

Number 3 in a series of small canvasses. Each one represents a stage in Jennifer's life. this one - Crea-T, is concerned about her transformation from tentative painter to one on a mission.

Purchase Reference: 20JWabstractCan

Flower Patch, $325

Holding all things natural close to her heart., Jennifer was surprised to discover just how many painting contain flowers, trees and hills. Created in 2017, this was a forgotten image.

Purchase Reference: 17FPacr

Christmas on the Farm, $250

Family Christmas' are always noisy, busy affairs. 4 grand children, all girls, ensures that. Playing father Christmas, Roberto, knows how to make the most of the family affair. Purchase Reference: 19COTFacr

a dancing class, moment of emotion

Dancer, $175

Created from memories of little girls in dancing lessons. Wanting something does not make it easy. Expressions of pain and disappointment take many forms. Jennifer likes this type of depiction.
Purchase Reference: 19DOP

Floral Self Portrait @jenniferpaints

Self Portrait, $175

Faces and masks are a long term passion of Jennifer. Placing symbols of significance and marks that ID times and places. Jennifer was born among the trees in Pemberton, WA. She feels most comfortable among the trunks, branches and flowers of the Aussie bush.
Purchase Reference: 19SPOP

Galleries and Pop-Ups

Where To Find Me

November 2021: Pop-Up gallery @ Red Rocket Cafe, Bruce Highway Bororen, Qld

December 2021: Workshop @ Perspective Collective, @ Marina in 1770 Queensland.

March 2022: Exhibition, [Faces and Masks] rural Queensland. More details soon.

Jens Reflections

Masks as Metaphors

Transforming faces and IDs that people can try to hide or distort allows Jennifer to find innocence amid stress, breaking points as symbols and movement. When you live with a myth, you must abide by the rules created. Revealing actions and rituals, Jennifer’s paintings are always unique.

try, try again

Practice, practice and practice - Jen's Motto

How’s this for a reverse compliment? “Did you really do that?” It was the first sign Jen had that her art skills were developing.

Jen Loves a Chat

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You have to be. I don’t really enjoy spending the time on it. Check me out @jenniferpaints (Instagram) and AA.AgnesArt or Jennifer M Ryan, artist on Facebook

Maybe? But … I prefer to spend as little time as possible sitting in front of a tablet or monitor. I have started an artists Facebook group, for Local Artists in my area.

Abstract. I’ve had 2 major influences. First, a Coursera art course @ MoMA New York on AbEx. Huge impact on my practice. Art le Brut, raw art. Loving research and history, I discovered these categories and immediately felt at home. You can see evidence of both influences in most of my work.

I didn’t. The art world is a refined space I never designed or desired to chase membership of. I read a lot, have a huge collection of amazing art reference books and use those to discover, and rediscover artists like me.

For me, it is all about me 🙂 I am the artist I want to be here, now. And tomorrow too. Making marks can create safe spaces, where the focus and intensity moves any anxieties and vulnerabilities to the background.

I don’t give advice … I do share what worked for me. Summarized to a few points:

  1. Like everything mark you make. Make marks you like.
  2. Decide what type o strokes you like to make: straight edges, flowing waves…
  3. Learn the basics of composition,  colour consequences and foci


I am an accredited teacher, who has presented art based lessons and workshops for many years. When I first ‘scratched the arty itch’ it was with drawing and sketching, then watercolours, acrylics, pastels and finally oils.

If you are ready to be an adventurous, brave and bold artist/painter, and move beyond realism to create work that is loose, colourful and expressive, join Jennifer and create Art from Your Heart.

A great unanswerable question. I is not a static thing. Creating with a fun attitude, lets me e brave. that is one of my criteria for success that keeps returning to my goals.  And colourful, abstract art using a variety of  skills and techniques.

Jen Strives. Always

It keeps her happy

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