how I am managing changes in direction

I’ve been taking stock of my Art Life this month. Mainly because I’ve been putting an exhibition proposal together.
TERRIBLE JOB. Fighting myself to claim my dream.

Change is the greatest constant of our day.

Most artists think about  solutions. The problem is that there are a million solutions.  Effective artist solutions can change how the artist, and their followers look at their

work.  It is emotional. This is why I deliberately embraced change.

Think about the most successful artists in your place. Do they fence sit? Do they often shout loudly and generally enjoy going with their personal flow? That’s what I’m talking about.  I’m OK with being misunderstood. Understanding the functional power of art to convey and transform thoughts and opinions is where I started. I’m really happy with my own company. But … I love a chat!

I am not alone, if you chat to me.

My Goal: discover the real, human, emotional, connections in my works

It’s going to be a journey. I know that.

Currently, I’m a  Full Time Human Being, Artist, Writer, Golden sphere showing a part of my worldWife, Mom, Grandmother, Incurable Disease warrior …and lots of other things!

“I’ve been a people watcher for ever!”
“I never really get annoyed with other people. I grew out of that a long time ago.”
“My art does say a lot about how I see the world. In the past, the clues and hints have been hidden or cryptic. That has stopped.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have strong opinions. I do.

I tend to be quietly opinionated. Thoughtful before ‘sprouty’ and evangelical. I like to learn, and hear from, and about, people who disagree with me. Are different from me. And, I love to chat!  So please…contribute ideas, debate options, question my outrageous statements. I would enjoy ENGAGING with you.

The changes in the way I view my art and processes is a bit like cleaning out a stable. I might like like it all that much, but it has to be done.  Underpinning the process is the quest for a deep understanding of what has influenced my art  and my representation of those influences.I’m looking for treasures. Fingers crossed.

Optimistic. Naive. Superficial. Maybe. Valuing my ability to see things that others do not will be a new creative experience.  Trying not to edit as I go will be a huge challenge.

Wednesday, July 21

the journey into my Tomorrowland begins.

@jenniferpaints and JenMR will  record how I go. They will announce small steps and giant leaps. Initially I will review Faces and Portraits over time, and suggest supports what personal, artistic and adventurous efforts were incorporate into each work. The discoveries will support the creation “personal statements” – a collection that will be distributed later this year.

As I review this work, it was created as a sketch on one of my ‘cafe sketching’ outings, I identify aspects of my life in it. Several aspects have become repeated patterns in my faces and masks. First, the eyes – seeing two sides, hiding part of self or having a partially closed mind. Divined from behavioural patterns.

Second, the colours. Reds  and blues dominate. Indicating a range of heightened emotions. Balanced by the lighter parts of the image. Stroke direction and strength suggest a force impacting on the subject or strong conflict withing the subject.

Aspects of my life:

  • for decades I have lived two lives. The hidden life of survival that occurred in quiet times in the safety of my home and family. And the professional life where hiding the symptoms of my disease was the only way I could cope with them.


JennieJo, you made me smile. You both seem so free and relaxed in your art, your figures and forms gently move.You have a way of using your 'ops' to create delicate and beautiful colors and images. Look forward to your next piece!
Mary Flora
These are beautiful, Jennie. I love looking at your faces when you paint them. They are always beautiful, mysterious, and flowing. '
Deca Dance
... they are compelling straight of the batt . Who knows whether it is nature or nurture where these skills come from but you certainly got what it takes and I wouldn’t change a thing ... you certainly succeeded with the heart in your art if that is where you are coming from and intend to get across as I love it . It is excellent 🙂
Oil Pastel abstract

All works are posted in  a tube. Prints are A3 in size and printed in quality paper. $50 each print, plus postage.

Digital Prints for Sale.


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