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My Writing Timeline …


1. The Diary

2. Literacy Course

3. IT STUFF I purchased my first home computer, for my kids education, in 1982.
– Writing instructions for my kids at home and school was step one.
– writing instructions for adults the use software and hardware came next. 
– then came more formal IT books, workshops, presentatons

4. CAREER LINKED PUBLICATIONS for students, parents, teachers continued for the next 20 years. Still happening today.

5. KIDS BOOKS are my current adventure. Grandkids. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas and just because … I’ve written them all.

6. BOOKS ON THE GO –  How I Art, memoir with art images. B.T.BOOKS handbook for teachers looking to spice up their classroom. You Want THAT Promotion? Handbook explaining Gymnastics and Hurdling  as skills to avoid career roadblocks.

July is making Minimalist moments visible

I retraced my Australian steps to create the perfect minimalist excursion for you. Artist. Musician. Interior Designer. Logo. Clothing. Life Style. Philosophy.

I discovered some minimalist tendencies, of most of them, in my past.

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Jen the fabulist

ATTENTION: Aesop Fable Lovers 06/17/2020 “Having Trouble FINDING UNIQUE KIDS BOOKS, with a story as well as a message?” YOU ARE IN LUCK!  I’m going

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June is Tune Up Time

Choosing to speak or write the ‘wrong’ word can be catastrophic.

Choosing to speak or write the ‘incorrect’ word can be confusing.

I know which mistake I’d prefer to make.

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May is Decision Making Month

The Caravan Schoolhouse Agrees with That Decision Making Choices. Problem Solving. Decision Traps.   EVERY DAY THERE’S AN OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE THE WHAT YOU DO,

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Not Just Words on Paper

Author Jennifer Ryan's tutoring workbook
draft page, tourism booklet
Writers Workshop, Jennifer Ryan's adult workshop

Table of Contents

More Than Words on Paper


$ 18AUD
  • Granny Jen is Missing, children's book. Celebrates rural Australia.


  • An emerging artist, means I'm eclectic. Big Yes!
  • Abstract Expressionist
  • Digital Collages


  • This is a real reflection of how emerged I am. This really shows life as a tapestry of surprises and inspiration.