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Literacy and Learning

The saddest moments in my teaching career was seeing ‘that look’ on student’s face, when they realise they have tried very hard, but not achieved the success they seek.

Underpinning everything in this book, the learning and exercises, is my goal of building  ‘self understanding’ in the users. Understanding, that comes from engagement, creativity, writing, talking and more, and can be used to explain personal worlds to The World.

The book sequence follows a specific path: what does being educated mean? Picture tomorrow, finding links between choices and inner pictures, and the role of feet  before posing engaging story telling/writing tasks.

Unique  to the Caravan Schoolhouse Bookshelf

You can download it now.

It contains:

  1. 7 full colour pages of

    1. ideas
    2. activities and
    3. story telling stimuli

Created to be adaptable

        1. Literacy, being educated
        2. Picturing Tomorrow
        3. A Short Self-analysis
        4. Feet, they can take you places
        5. Hooves, paws and flippers
        6. Risky Business, story telling and writing
  1. used successfully with  students from year 5 to year 10.
  2. has been tested on younger students, and works well when adjusted for age


extract page from Feet Resource BookFeet Take You Places. Watch where you’re putting them.


Additional information

Read, Write More, and Draw

Creating, memory, is my goal, brighter future


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