October Blog: Winning the Writing Battle

Selecting Your Best Writings

You take writing seriously, even when it’s just you jotting notes in a personal book.

Claiming Your Best Writings

You take writing seriously, even when it’s just you jotting notes in a personal book.

Regardless, knowing the value of your work is difficult. Everyone has an opinion. You don’t want to be pandered to, but the thought of being tolerated doesn’t sit well either.

What do you declare as worthy? Easier, when you have a large collection. For many, it makes for complicated conversations.



BTs Advice 1

Variety … The Spice of Writing

I have been experimenting – reading my writings while I’m driving. Past habits have moved over, now I listen to my own thoughts.

‘Active Presenter’ a useful program, (no kickbacks to be from the link), has text to audio options. That got me thinking. Use it to review dialogue? A good start.

Lately, I’ve been using ‘Narrators Voice’ app to listen to my works.

Keyboards . be gone 🙂

Oral Story Telling Activity
BTs Advice 2 Oral Story Telling

When listening to my words I hear critical phrases, and the hidden errors.

This month’s Email Workshop includes 8 emails directed at identifying writing tools and INCLUDES a series of directed tasks to help you explore the options.

Courtships and cartels could well appear. Are we alluding to alliteration? Reasoning and logic hints and tips, will also make an appearance or two.

Join in … Caravan Schoolhouse … Subscribe … monthly newsletters …. with current events.

My challenge for you. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment. Try being a running commentator on every topic under the sun that appeals to you. Or, try being a ‘rememberer‘, the keeper of community histories.

In the years you’ve been writing, have you covered a wealth of topics? Devoted a great deal of time to the craft?Check your variety.

Take a moment, to describe the many ways you write. Maybe, you’re a a storyteller, mimic, or fabulist.


A. if your method is a time-saver do not hesitate to use it. In a battle every minute counts.

B. save your sanity, be like the kids, do your homework!! Early.

C. your story plan must include emphasizing aspects to gain the attention of readers. Don’t just battle on.

D. look for ways to stereotype your characters. Then, break the mould. They’ll be your surprise!

LAST. The hidden truth in just about everything readers buy is the VALUE it has TO THEM.

If your STORY has that value than you must use this quality to attract their attention. If you want to find readers looking for your stories, that is.

Identify the issues that are affecting your writing …‘unwrap’ yourself … reveal the ‘treasure’ inside, … highlight what’s next.

Jennifer M Ryan, author and artist,
October 2020

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