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E-book Perfection workbook
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I have a thing ...

... a thing about putting pressure on others


and taking away their voice.

And, I have a thing about making kids, artists and writers think that perfection is something designed by advertisers, marketers and social media.

This 21 page eBook identifies and investigates these ‘things’.  Created for workshops with students and parents trying to make school ‘work for them’.

1770 Adventures Exhibition




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Jen’s all time favourite list for authors and artists, emerging artists and budding authors, authors, and scratchers and scribblers.


  1. Know yourself as a creative. Write an ‘About the [Artist/Author] statement or two.
  2. Include explanations: which readers will link to your unique voice or style.
  3. Highlight your credentials. Write these in the third person (he, she, it)

    Jennifer M Ryan has been a columnist, non-fiction editor, teacher and tutor, web designer, writing instructor, and photographer. She’s was born among the trees in Pemberton, Western Australia and lives on 40 tree-filled acres in Captain Creek Queensland. GRANNY JEN IS MISSING, her first childrens novel. Her other titles can be found in her bookshop,

    A versatile, adventurous, emerging artist, I’m working to fine tune my style in oil, pastel and acrylic works. My works spring from life; all works reveal moments and emotions my own or observed in others.

    Working to avoid a formulaic or predictable harmonies and repetitions, I sought to present many moments, overlayed and contrasted, whilst holding the concept of ‘time and place’, for a long time.

fun way to show main ideas in a story
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Granny Jen is Missing, Balboa Press
Jennifer M Ryan Balboa Press author

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