October was long ago

It has been a while, but I have managed to make some changes to how I think about my art.

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What I did

I decided to tell my story through my art. Then discovered I already was.

Georgia O’Keeffe is an American artist I really admire. Reading a review I discovered she would not accept her work was an expression of her life.

This got me thinking, and reviewing my own works. Guess what? There I was. Clear as day if you knew me or knew where to look.

 That started me on a path that has profoundly affected how I paint and what I choose to paint. A big part of that was re-doing or re-working some past works that had a hold on me. With a new mindset I now have several finished paintings.

  1. The Secret Twin. Started in 2018ish, edited many times. Completed after the re-do in April 21.
  2. …200924 …abc, I have created 4 versions of this, in many media. Finally, I exploded my preconceptions and finished it.



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Variety ..

spiced up my art

The Secret Twin


DETAILS: oil paint on canvas

DATE: April, 2021
A versatile, adventurous, emerging artist, I’m working to fine tune my style in oil, pastel and acrylic works. My works spring from life; all works reveal moments and emotions my own or observed in others. Recently deciding to include more of my life through my works, this work reveals aspects of the secret life of an autoimmune sufferer or ‘warrior’ as fellow suffers tag ourselves. Lupus and rheumatoid are my major catalysts.
Until this point I had been blithely creating works on my verandah on our rural block. Happy to experiment, be outrageous and mix media and styles at will. Deciding to tell stories through my art added a new layer to my works.

Originally envisioned in 2018, this piece has had many re-incarnations. Each one contained the central ‘flame’ of hair. Printed on coffee mugs, I sold it as ‘It’s a flare, Ladies”.

Supporting this figure with one of my Secret Sisters, Lupus, and placing them on the farm gave it the solidity and relevance I had been seeking.

Created at a relaxed pace, beginning on Christmas Eve 2020, allowed me to enjoy the process of revealing the story as layers and elements were added.

Jennifer Ryan

The Minimal Man, JenMR
Art Print Coffee cup avail - use my form
Version 1: Secret Twin

My second major piece of 2021 started as a response to a Flying Arts Rural (#flyingarts) Exhibition focus – decadence. Immediately linking to William Blake, and a yellow book, I discovered a short lived era of ‘decadence’ in art history. Despite several attempts my drafts could not be converted to paintings successfully.

View on Instagram, @jenniferpaints

Ready to move on, I just couldn’t do it and decided instead to explode the concept. This work is the result.

Working to avoid a formulaic or predictable harmonies and repetitions, I sought to present many moments, overlayed and contrasted, whilst holding the concept of ‘time and place’, for a long time.
This version of the painting, was created at a restrained pace, until late 2020, when a sense of urgency accompanied the ‘thought explosion’. It was completed within days.

Jennifer Ryan @jenniferpaints
JenMRThey’ll be your surprise!

Gladstone Art Group
JenMR self portrait, flowers in a dream


Identify the issues that are affecting your writing …‘unwrap’ yourself … reveal the ‘treasure’ inside, … highlight what’s next.

Jennifer M Ryan, author and artist,
October 2020



Digital Collage, Finding A Way
Digital abstract1

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