Literacy and Well Being

Well Being - of the mind

By Jennifer M Ryan

Years as a teacher, and many more running a successful Tutoring Business, have demonstrated that Literacy and Well Being are intricately linked.

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Literacy and Learning
Risky Business Project
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It was such a pleasure to read the project book you gave Pxxxxx [edited for privac] today. I couldn't wait to see what she would come up with. She is always wanting me to listen, listen now :).
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About Jennifer


The saddest moments in my teaching career was that look on the face of a student when they realise they have tried very hard, but not achieved any success.

One of her personal learning goals was discovering ways to fix that!

She believes there is no  step-by-step guide that helps remove roadblock. Rather it is about understanding the procedures and processes needed by individual students.

This book is a perfect example of how she applies her procedures and processes.

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Giving children who struggle at school access to a brighter future.

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I find analogies and stories helpful when attempting the impossible; trying to explain complex issues to anyone in advance of an experience is problematic. Creating, for them, a memory that will resurface at the right moment is my goal!

This book does that. Underpinning the content of the book is 'self understanding'. The book sequence follows a specific path: what is education?, picture tomorrow, making links between choices made and your inner picture, and the role of feet Before posing engaging story telling tasks.

In addition, the aim of the book is to enhance observations to build new awareness levels where skills are not disguised.
Actors use similar methods. Theyy observe, consider options, wait for the right moment and then deliver their lines to achieve the desired effect. The more familiar they are with the characters and personas on stage, the more keen their observations and impressive their timing.

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