June is Tune Up Time

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Tune Up in June

Getting Over THAT Feeling!

5 Ways that Work for Me

1. Write something Every Day

2. Kick start your brain – choose a work to take you forward. See more about this below.

3. Do the Unexpected. Sample ideas below.

5. See The Future. Carry April’s Message into your writing. Cause/Effect. Stimulus/Response.



I’m working on being a natural wordsmith. And a great editor. And, I do have a love of writing and sharing. Let people get to hear your real voice.

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Can I Persuade you?

To begin mastering Persuasion, download your workbook.

Simple exercises.

Challenging content.

Read Write Workbook Persuasive Writing

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Until then, check these out

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Jennifer M Ryan is the jack of trades on this blog.

permanent optimitst, always looking for the next challenge.


Writing 2nd Kids Book

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Creating On-line Gallery


Writing 1 poem a day in 2020

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On-Line Artist

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A book about bullying helping kids of all ages understand this serious issue. With inspiring characters who prove “you can’t let the world happen. You can stand out.”

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Artists Matter @ Studio Agnes, part of JMR’s Footsteps and Footprints project

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