Minimalist Moments

my most amazing journey ...
in self discovery

retraced my australian steps to create the perfect minimalist excursion for you.

Artist. Musician. Interior Designer. Logo. Clothing. Life Style. Philosophy.

I discovered some minimalist tendencies, of most of them,  in my past.

My EXCURSION Criteria for Evaluation of my Minimalism tendencies.

A definition: x, y or z that offers just what is required – no more. Moderation before excess. “Less is more”.

STARK: showcase the exceptional, without fussy images or distractions.

COLD:  stripped down to bare essentials by eliminating all that is unnecessary. 

BORING:  only if simple clear lines, with streamlined shapes are. Minimalists might call it sleek.

Me the Minimalist - artist, want to be musician, designer (home and life style) and philosopher


Explanation: an art form that just won’t go away.

  • form of abstraction
  • goal is to highlight the most essential aspects of a subject
  • elemental aspects include rigorous clarity above the evocative
  • emphasis is on purity of shapes
  • disdain stories, narratives and anecdotes

I paint, but minimalism escapes my talents. I am attracted to it, but am unable to create it. These images will show more than I can tell.

  • The Rooster. Tells too much of my story – recycled university lecture notes, essential aspects unclear.
  • The Fish. Seeking clarity before the evocative. The closest I can get.
  • My Logo. Almost there? Wrong choice of colour?
  • The Duck, a photograph. Highlights essential aspects of duck shape. Purity in the singularity?

logo artist seated, watercolour
Photograph depicting minimalist
Photograph percussion instruments


Explanation: minimal music, originally considered just an experimental form, has persisted. Identify minimal music using these criteria:

  • unstructured loose themes, without a story base

  • music without obvious progression, growth, line, goal, climax, and development. By way of example, this excludes most Western classical music, most jazz, and most popular music.

Identify it by seeking out:

    • the internal music
    • consonant harmony
    • steady pulse
    • many reiterations
    • phase music.

I am on shaky ground here. It feels like I’m traveling on outback gravel roads.

  • guitar and piano,  I have learnt both. Maybe I’m a minimalist because I can be technically excellent and musically hopeless – no internal rhythm?
  • I like collecting instruments – banjo mandolin, 100 years old; drumming instruments bongo and band; glockenspiels; recorder like flutes.
  • A look at these pics and you’ll decide I’ve backslid out of minimalism. But, the ‘littlies’ in my love all the toys.
Mr Christian needs a friend


Explanation: the great conflict. Always included in discussions – the distinction between form or function as the greater rule of interior design. Some favourite minimalist options:

  • shapes and order
  • function disguised with form
  • never allow clutter to overwhelm form or function
  • seek serenity, and balance through colour, texture and contrast choices

When I was a minimalist home space designer, I liked to create:

  • geometric balance, that embraced contrast in lines and colours
  • area with a simple beautiful impact
  • uncluttered benches and tables
  • feelings of peace in the home
good news sharing fireworks flowers
Black white image girl imploring
Be Mindful poster
Nullabor Plains Australia image


Explanation: choice of living environment is important. I’m a Bush Babe – really!

  • born among the trees in Pemberton Western Australia
  • living on a large bush block in Captain Creek Queensland
  • when ever I purchased a home I looked for trees, green space and privacy

Do I fit the Minimalist criteria:

  • I say yes 🙂
  • toes in the dirt – TICK
  • clean air – TICK
  • surrounded by nature – TICK
  • mix them altogether with a large dose of peace and quiet and I’m sure I qualify at some level.

Do I fit the Minimalist criteria:

  • maybe  🙂
  • A closet full of clothes – TICK. BUT I am actively reducing
  • an artists den full of more brushes than I could use in a short life time – TICK. SADLY, I’ll have to cull some of these.
  • a museum quantity of photographic and electronic devices  – TICK. This is a collection addiction. They stay.
  • a local library size collection of art, music and favourite authors books, magazines and disks – TICK.  I HAVE TRIED, with minimal success, to reduce the  number.
  • Wembley Ware, iconic Western Australian chinaware collection – TICK. HARD TO SELL, but they’re on my list.


In this instance, I’m looking at my philosophy as if it is a dance floor observing  players in a game.

People are dancing in a confined space, looking to create their own space.  Moving and maneuvering in and around others to either attract,  interact or distance themselves.

  • minimalists may not need much space, but they need to define themselves through that space; their moves, the shadows and the silence.
  • the collectors may need some space, but they like to be around  matching pairs/groups. they look for commonalities of movements, shapes and clothing.
  • the acquirers don’t have any particular space requirements, they join in and invite other to join them;  their actions and the way they move are the invitation.
Feeling isolated and alone image
Golden sphere showing a part of my world
australian bush tree alphabet blocks
dawn in the Aussie outback

“Why Minimalism?
Minimalism Needs No Reason, Minimalism Is Its Own Reason.”

Jennifer Ryan

Five Whys About Minimalism

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