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Granny Jen is Missing

Through this kids book, #F #PS #MG, I address a common fear, as well as fearful behaviours. The great fear is being lost, or losing someone we love. In this story, two sisters show grit and determination to find their Granny. Despite, some despicable behaviour from their friend, the rooster.

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Jennifer M Ryan Balboa Press author

This book is about growing up, trust and family. But most of all it is about success, adventure and the value of grit and determination

A Family Tradition

The girls come ready for a party.

Granny Jen?

The girls search the farm, seeking help from the animals.

Mr. Christian's Lie

The farm rooster is having a bad, bad day.

Eventually, Success

Maggie the Magpie solves the problem.


reading granny jen is missing

Check it out, preview some pages.

nanowrmo stimulus catalyst author

Still very happy to have completed this writing challenge.

It was a real challenge, and made me write, write and write every day of the challenge. Even when we were on a water based holiday.  I needed that challenge.

Author spotlight

Writing a children’s book with an Australian identity, and theme, was important to Jennifer. Equally important was including messages – truths – that revealed themselves through the story. Like the not so friendly bird who solves the problem, the kangaroo, Joey, who is brave and makes a real difference, and Mr Christian, the rooster, who is having a bad, bad day.

Jennifer M Ryan

Feedback from Book Readings

Educational Leader.

“Thanks for reading to us, we all enjoyed it.”

Vicki Dingle

Secondary School Teacher

“Just love those pictures Jen. Keep them all:

Chris Jacques

recycled art coffee cup and pencils

Delivered Anywhere In Australia.

A Guide for Parents is Available

To get the most out of reading this book to your children, I’ve included a short guide to the learning moments in the book – and how to take advantage of them.

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The Details

'Granny Jen is Missing' is a soft cover, full colour children's book. Australian buyers ONLY postage is included. Overseas buyers postage will be calculated, and details sent via email.

Full payment required before postage.'

In control

"Life is a bit like a blurry pic. You can make out some of the objects, but its hard to see the detail. Storytelling, and story reading, helps kids develop their awareness antennae so they can quickly see important details."

Stepping Up

Jenny Crowley

"Your talent just continues to grow, I'm so impressed well done Jen XX"

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