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How to be a writer

Easy as … pen to paper and write, or fingers on keyboard, or voice into recorder.
OK. Write something every day. Set aside 10 minutes. Most likely the more you write the more time you’ll want to put aside.


help for when school is confusing, book
Summary chart - parents making decisions
Workshop Handout
Stepping Up Book
extract page from Feet Resource Book
Writing E-book
nanowrmo stimulus catalyst author
I Did This!

Short Stuff

Shining a light on some invisible elements of life
Art didactics

Flash Fiction

Author Jennifer Ryan's tutoring workbook
Choosing Words
Writer, Jennifer Ryan's book on Amazon
Short Story, Amazon
Celebrate Life Workbook
Read Write Workbook Persuasive Writing
extract page from Feet Resource Book
Develop Characters
Motto, read, write more, and draw

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My Writer Timeline

1. The Diary - kept one since I was 10 years old. Poetry. Hooks. Story plans as well as whole chapters. 2. Literacy Course at Teacher's College - really wanted to write poetry or like Shakespeare (really!!) but didn't manage it.

image Jennifer's writers tool, cup, pencils, eraser

My Motivations


I’ve been an educator for many decades. Writing for governing bodies, schools, my department and my classroom

Granny Jen is Missing, Balboa Press

Grand Kids

11 years. A legacy for  4 grandchildren. So they can see it can be done.

Tell My Story

Stories about how and when I survived and thrived. Plus learning resources.

Image Jennifer writing with computer


is perfect

I Create

#NF #F #PB #A

Pencil, Pen, Keyboard, Voice

Who cares how? Only Me.

I Create with words, and share my work any way that suits me.



Best Job Ever

Reading Picture Books to kids.

Granny Jen series took me back to my Primary School teaching days. I’d forgotten how much I liked reading to  kids.

Thanks Kids.

Jennifer Book Reading at Stepping Stones Kindergarten

Working to be the Very Best

Living a quiet life in rural Queensland, online communication and study are essential.  I’m almost a #Coursera junkie. #YouTube regular. Currently learning French to add something to a current work. I don’t like Apps.

I Work

Monday- Saturday: 9:00-16:30
Check emails three times a day: 9am, 1p, 7pm.
Send a contact form anytime.

I Play

On 40 acres in central coastal Queensland. Look up '1770' the only town with a name that looks like a postcode.

reading granny jen is missing

Check it out, preview some pages.

Feedback from Book Readings

Educational Leader.

“Thanks for reading to us, we all enjoyed it.”

Vicki Dingle

Secondary School Teacher

“Just love those pictures Jen. Keep them all:

Chris Jacques

recycled art coffee cup and pencils

Only $20au

Delivered Anywhere In Australia.

This book is about growing up, trust and family. But most of all it is about success, adventure that comes when you have the ‘space to speak’. Grit and determination are the secret ingredient.

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