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Born to Art

I am adventurous artist  who never stop researching, exploring! For the past 6 years, I have used my passion for colour, shape, line to help create  unique, kaleidoscopic art works from an abstract base. Ready to discover my  next adventure?

JenMR Garden Daze

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Oil Pastel on Paper

Using a range of papers, from Arches to vintage recycle, motifs from previous centuries an cultures.

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Mixed Media

Soft pastel, acrylic, ink an charcoal on loose canvas and paper. Images developed from my farm.

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Professionally printed  an watercolour images from a series of my Street Art commissions: Agnes Water Trail – The Pelican, The Happy Emu. Art in Parks – Baffle Creek, Roseale. Art on Fleet: On the Move.

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Street Art

Eclectic Collection

A mixture of styles and moods. Some works on recycle university lecture notes, atlas pages and high quality pastel and watercolour paper. 

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My art work has taken me on a very happy adventure!





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