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1770 Rotary Markets

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1 June 27, 2021 – cancelled, risk of rain!

2 July 4, 2021
3 July 11, 2021
4 Qld. September School Holidays
5 Qld. December School Holidays

Painting Insights:

Faces and masks have a high profile in my art. Since an early age, reading faces and body language to discover secrets that predict actions has been a fascination. The title of minimalist sits well with what I do. This image, Three Ladies talks of my fascination.

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Favourite artist quote

of all time – almost.

Probably because I’m a self-taught and self-directed artist.

Representing these minimalist observations through art seemed a natural progression. Strong marks and fluid strokes sit beside small strokes of distinct colours to suggest rather than dictate the content. Early in my art career, I created a series of ‘suggestive of’ landscapes and portraits where marks were thick, fluid and representative, with only minimal details added.

My Practice

Art Stories in Strokes

At last count I have created more than a dozen Bird Lady works. Two of my favourites, created on recycled Atlas paper, showing the ladies being sporty.

Some artists ...

just can't be ignored.

Here’s one of mine.
Discovering Marcel Duchamp emboldended me to challenge more readily the art worlds preoccupations with ‘what art is’, while, often, vigorously distancing themselves from new ideas, innovative methods and processes, and anything seen as ‘not artisticaly relevant’. I view the Art le’Brut concept as an example of this.

Jennifer M Ryan @jenniferpaints
JenMR or Jennifer | jrcs.com.au

Some Exhibition History

  • Orange Socks to Orange Trees
  • 1770 Adventures of the Creative Kind
  • Discovery Exhibition
  • CGRI Group Exhibitions
  • Art in the Park
  • Art on Fleet
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