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Each time I sit at my art table or easel I focus on building a collection and creating marks from new thoughts, beliefs, and instincts; so I get to enjoy the pure pleasure that comes from letting a particular drum do a loud solo. I don’t have a plan, yet, nor an overview of which way I’m heading. I’m just working my way there, as I focus on each step.

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Art that comes from the heart is good art! Artists understand the urge to create should not  be ignored.   Whatever it takes – thoughts, plans, marks and pixels – to engage with a creative spirit in a moment.

New Visions

Oil Paint, large canvas

Large, 2m x 1m approx, stretched canvas.

Oil paint. Abstract.

Artist: JUST FOR THE JOY OF CREATING What an engaging painting! It’s fun to view with all of the graceful shapes and interesting surface textures. ... .
Steven J

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Location: Queensland Australia
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“Into the Garden”

Jennifer M Ryan

Capturing the free movement of plants through long graceful curves.
Yellow, is central to my thoughts of gardens. Bright. Free. Graceful.
Gardens are full of secrets. Spaces. Flowers. Regenerations.

How is your memory? What is the earliest photograph you have? What about drawings or paintings?

The oldest photograph I know about was created by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 in France, it is thought to be an eight-hour exposure.

“Artists are always expecting, looking forward for an arrival.”

Jennifer Ryan


More than 25 years ago I  took up photography to fill a hole in my life, and return to an old love. Gone were the films and processing, almost.

I was captivated by digital images. I rode out the storm of derision about quality, depth, short term future easily. I was in love with digital photography. Still am.

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