Curated for Barbra

Each time I create a piece of art I secretly hope someone I know buys it. It is a nice feeling.

But … works traveling all over the world is also nice.

This Collection

Created especially for Barbra, these works are some of my favourites, either framed or ready to frame. For some of them, this is the first time they have been online.

Serious Ones

digital from Acrylic

Oil Paint, large canvas

Large, 2m x 1m approx, stretched canvas.

Oil paint. Abstract.

Artist: JUST FOR THE JOY OF CREATING What an engaging painting! It’s fun to view with all of the graceful shapes and interesting surface textures. ... .
Steven J

For Sale


Location: Queensland Australia
Packaging: all decisions and costs are the responsibility of the buyer
Postage: all costs to be paid by the buyer

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Jennifer Ryan, signature

“Into the Garden”

Jennifer M Ryan

Capturing the free movement of plants through long graceful curves.
Yellow, is central to my thoughts of gardens. Bright. Free. Graceful.
Gardens are full of secrets. Spaces. Flowers. Regenerations.

Acrylic on non-material canvas.

This is an artistic depiction of family, generations. Full of symbolism, it shows an interaction between the elements, the fluidity of strokes and the texture in those strokes. Creating energetic  within the static image. These elements can be identified in the hair and hair bands, as well as the hint of winds at play.

“Artists are always expecting, looking forward to an arrival.”

Jennifer Ryan

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