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Art from the Heart

I am an adventurous person. Adventurous people make great artists and writers because they set their own guides and standards; unafraid of experimentation. Regularly seeking techniques  that convey their passions, emotions and feelings.

Quotes can inspire hope and change that encourages artists. One I read when I’m checking out if I want to continue with current creative projects

“Art worlds provoke some of their members to create innovations they then will not accept. Some of these innovations develop small worlds of their own.” — Howard S. Becker, Art Worlds, 1982


When you decide to paint there is no ‘book of rules’ with stages, or per-requisites listed in a logical order, full of references and how-tos. However, artists starting in their retirement will take a different path than those starting in primary school. I started to paint, and sketch just to see what it was like. How my brain worked. Then I started doing workshops, online courses (Coursera) and joined an on-line community of artists. I discovered I prefer creating abstract art. A #coursera course in #AbEx from #MOMA opened my eyes and showed me a path to my creativity.


The potential of an emerging, untrained artist is unknown. Potential speaks of the future, an underlying capacity for something to come into being. While an artists potential can be guessed at, measured with criteria and sets of standards, circumstances affect potential. By seeking exhibition exposure artists seek to move something (energy, emotions, option, ideas, thoughts ...). Breaking into the world of gallery exhibitions is like trying to push a large block over a sand pit. Breaking through exhibition and barrier is like pushing that thing over wet soapy plastic sheet.

Social Media

Just keeping track of everything that’s happening in social media accounts can be a full time job. Let alone manage and master your own personas. Monitoring every aspect of your accounts can easily lead to something akin to an landscape of cracks and pits. This is no reason to avoid that landscape. I restrict my linked public accounts as much as possible, and used them as often as possible. The quicker you are notified of something the quicker those things need to be addressed, and capitalized upon.

My story

For some reason, unknown to me, my days begin and end with gratitude and joy. I’ve pondered this a few times over the years, “What allows me to always see a better option?” My life hasn’t followed a highway or freeway. I usually find myself on the tourist route. It usually meant I had time to listen and hear; to learn and earn in the education sphere before I finally admitted “I’d like to be an artist!”

My commitment to art began slowly. Eventually I was able to offer works and services that helped me move into a richer and more fulfilling life. Taking advantage of the free  lessons on the Internet and meeting a small group of local artists I had a few years one of true change,  personal growth  in an amazing journey.

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