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 I’m going to be serious for a second…

You’re here because you already know books + kids + reading is a great thing.

We both know that there’s Amazon sells book,. They stock more books than even Edison could ever read. My biggest book concern is ‘how  on earth can parents discover the hidden gems.” Stories that matter, that can deliver so many  positives WHILST you’re having family fun, and building family memories your kids will want to remember. Without the overt branding and TV/video/movie characters.

Fellow Book Lovers

There’s JUST ONE REASON you might fall into this category on the Book Buying Train, and it has everything to do with your ability to find that specific type of book, FAST.

Today, with a unique, yet  simple,  story  I’ll show you how to find the kid-engaging  messages within the story, that  are so important for kids across the world.

Read books with Messages?

Yes Please.

Sure, books don’t have to have a message. But, what if there was a set of books that did. Written by an experienced educator (yours truly) with full colour images on every page, animal characters, and about brave kids.

Jennifer M Ryan Balboa Press author

Life Lessons books – Simple (not simplistic) Stories, Easy to Like, Great to Chat about

duck on calm pond
The ducks on the pond hadn’t seen Granny Jen.
kookaburra in Australian gum tree

The kookaburra in the gum tree hasn’t seen Granny Jen.

Dawn on the farm, in Australia

The farm is big, and the girls are small. They never gave up. And, they found their Granny.

FABLES make great stories, to read and chat about

When choosing a book, look for the lessons in books by recalling the fables you read as a child. It really works. It only takes a minute to skim through the pages. Or, read the blurb on the back.

See how many of these fables you remember?

Mostly, the fables come from Aesop, but not all.


1. Life Lessons … Never give up (Tortoise and Hare), without the boasting.

Tabitha and Ruby have come to spend a special day with their Granny (Jen), but she is missing. Instead of their traditional Easter Egg hunt, the girls are on the hunt for their Granny. It takes all day. But, they find her.


2. Life Lessons … Work Hard, Play Hard (Ant and the Grasshopper)


Tabitha and Ruby had come to play with their Granny (Jen), they had to put that off.  because she is missing. Instead they walked and walked, looked and looked all over the farm for their Granny.

 They were Extra-Ordinary.


They kept going.


They checked in with the animals. Even though they were a  bit scared.

The cows did a lot of listening, but not much more.
image of cows near fence in paddock

Yes, it’s hard to believe these girls  actually went way out of their comfort zones.

And if walking and talking was not enough of a challenge …

3. Life Lesson … learn from the mistakes of others (Ass and the Fox)

Doing a Mr ChristianThere are two animals in the story who can teach this lesson. Big Daddy Roo and Mr Christian, the villain rooster.

They both failed, and made mistakes in the story. It is easy to spot what they could have done differently or better.  I won’t spoil this one!

Let’s just say: They Have Attitude!

4. Life Lessons … Little by Little does the trick (The Gnat and the Bull)

Ruby had A Huge Challenge and she was up for it, even when she was really tired.
Granny Jen farm frog image

Ruby doesn’t really like green frogs. Especially if she has to touch them. But, she saves the day by taking some good advice, being brave and listening to the frog that  landed on her lap.

It was this quiet little animals that helped solve the mystery.


5. Life Lessons … Kindness is better than force (The North Wind and the Sun)

baby roo granny jen heroPersuasion is better than force. The girl’s kind, gentle manner worked better than the force of Daddy Roo, and the anger of Mr Christian.

6. Life Lessons … Don’t Complain About things that are Fixable, just fix it (Goose and the Golden Egg)

jennifer takes photographsAfter Tuffy, the farm dog, Mr Christian was Granny Jen’s favourite farm animal. He risked everything she gave him – love, attention and understanding. He risked it all because he was a bit jealous of  ‘the girls’ and was having a bad day.

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These E-books were those she used help combat two biggest reasons why kids don’t  start loving books in their early years.

  • 1. Kids love to Tell Stories. It gives them the understanding and can boost their desire to read books, even if they are picture books, and …
  • 2. Books makes sitting together fun … less looking for Social Media entertainment, more creating stories they want to share.
  • Less of you feeling guilty because your kids are on the net All The Time. Ultimately, you will be proud to share their Reading and Writing progress on all kinds of Social Media.

Well, not anymore!

Why Most People Choose the EASY to buy books

    1. Kids, they are nothing but insistent, and persistent
    2. You’d think it would be easy to stick to the plan. But it isn’t.
    3. It is about choices.You have to really want to buy Those Books.
    4. You have to be ready to work with your kids to help them want Those Books.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Now, for the first time for over five years!

But Wait, there is Bad News

You’ll have to CLICK TO COLLECT the freebies.

I could up another 30 lines with SELLING SUPERLATIVES before I offer you the freebies. But honestly, that annoys me Big Time. Instead, I’ve included a form that will lead you to Granny’s Great Gifts 🙂

The gifts: a series of PDF and’/or E-books she wrote for her students, to help them understand the stories they read, and write more interesting stories for others.

Read books with Messages? Yes Please.

Sure, books don’t have to have a message. But, what if there was a set of books that did. Written by an experienced educator (yours truly) with full colour images on every page, animal characters, and about brave kids.

Jennifer M Ryan Balboa Press author

FABLES are great stories

When choosing a book, look for the lessons in books by recalling the fables you read as a child. It really works. It only takes a minute to skim through the pages. Or, read the blurb on the back.

How many of these fables did you remember? Did you also recall a few stories about who you were with and when you read these stories.

Mine were mostly at school, and … then alone in my bedroom as I read and re-read them just for pleasure.


Books  are a Great to Listen to.

That is exactly what you get with Granny Jen books – space to talk with kids about what ever crosses their mind.  This book is  a beautiful, 32-page, full-color story book, you and your kids can read, chat about, set goals from and learn about the reality of life from.

Fact: Reading should never be a chore or trial. Ever!

reading granny jen is missingBedtime reading is  really a  chance to get to know your kids, and for them to see you in new ways. From the type of things you laugh at, the type of books you enjoy reading aloud so they can hear other ways your voice was designed to speak.  And that’s why ‘reading aloud  to kids’ works. It’s based love, of each other, of stories we tell and remember, as well as lessons we learnt the easy way.

And bedtime doesn’t work, there’s always snuggling on a couch, or hiding among cushions on the floor. There’s always a time when reading just settles everyone down. So that when the story is done, everyone feels stronger, wiser and full  of dreams for the future.

YOU can give your kids every advantage by choosing Books with Messages

As I’m sure you’ve heard, from countless educators, parenting groups and on the TV, reading aloud to children does more than give them a good few minutes. When reading becomes a ‘thing we do around here’ your kids will keep the advantages you’ve given them until they are way beyond the teenage years.
 Just a few of the best known benefits are:

(a great list!)

  • jumpstart  language skills
  • set the foundation for future language development, even from the womb
  • teaches, even infants, the basics of books – words, pages and ending
  • reading aloud forms social and emotional skills in even young children
  • hearing  words reinforces understandings of how to speak to be understood
  • toddlers and older children learn about the world through books-pointing at pictures, recalling words. Every time they read a book they’re learning
  • the more stories they hear, the larger the vocabulary they are developing
  • when you read a story using character voices, strong body movements and facial expressions you child is more engaged. And, more likely to want to read it themselves
  • exploration and discovery are key components of older kids who read. They also see or find empathy through their engagement with characters
  • book language is more descriptive and uses more formal grammatical structures. Kids learn through reading different styles
  • when you read at home and talk about books, your kids catch the habit.
  • language skills
  • foundation  language
  • teaches, even infants
  •  social and emotional skills
  •  reinforces understandings
  • learn about the world
  • larger vocabulary
  • child is more engaged
  • exploration and discovery
  • kids learn through reading
  •  kids catch reading  habits

 Jennifer Book Reading at Stepping Stones KindergartenIn fact, if you gathered all the reading benefits in one scroll, you could be reading for days. The simple truth is that there is no part of learning and growing that can’t benefit from reading. Guided reading for your younger children, investigative and informative as they get older.

There will always will be space for great fiction adventures.

And that’s why Granny Jen is Missing is on trend. Actually, Jennifer led the pack when she wrote this book. She allows the two children in the story, to speak through their actions, and the way they tackle problems.

Maximum Enjoyment, Minimum Distractions!

Granny Jen’s philosophy is easy to discover and decipher. She has a few fundamental principles:

  • 1.Life lessons don’t have to be painful
  • 2. Teaching kids without tantrums, yours or theirs, is preferable
  • 3. Every action has a consequence: make a choice, live with the results.

The first one is obvious, but not always possible. Learning life lessons before you get to #3 is Granny Jen’s preference. Reduced horror stories for their kids. A life loaded with enough information to start the journey to wisdom.

The second principle is just as fundamental  for Granny Jen, but less apparent. She means that avoiding toxic conversations, relationships and decisions  dilutes meanings and messages.

Number 3 is last because it  forms the foundation of life. We may want to forget the words, clean out the bad memory and vow it will be different next time. It takes a lot of energy, thought power, decision making and failure to achieve this. Better to avoid that choice in the first place.

The result? You are more relaxed. And, you’ll have more time for reading.

Middle School, Ebook MOther's Day

Imagine seeing and feeling positive changes in your kids and how they relate to others. Story books can speed up their awareness of what they can do differently. Teachers see it all the time… that’s why they choose their classroom library books very carefully.

Double up on the benefits. Don’t just buy the book because it’s cheap, or just like the movie. Choose books that will get to your kids, show them lessons, and help them see choices and consequences.

There’s only one little problem…

5. Life Lessons … Kindness is better than force (The North Wind and the Sun)

"Having Trouble FINDING UNIQUE KIDS BOOKS, with a story as well as a message?"

READ ON IF YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW MORE. Totally optional. No Freebies down there. Just hints about what could be in the Freebie Packet.

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