Jennifer Ryan doesn’t like being boxed, and refuses to become a single style artist. Categorizing her art is not something she does. Being told this work is so expressionist, Picasso like or any other art movement is not a complement, to her. Her style is recognizable, full of curls and whirls, hard edges and seams, often asymmetrical with a focus on eyes and weird hair.

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I’m Jennifer Ryan, AKA @jenniferpaints and JenMR, an artist based near Agnes Water, Queensland Australia. I love to create artworks that tell the stories of the people, places and environments through which I filter the world.. [more about me]

Hints of colourful garden, abstract acrylic

I like simple colour choices.

simple, bright ones: blue, yellow, purple. Very occasionally using more muted colours.

“Through her drawings and paintings she captures feeling of her life quickly and efficiently. ”

a dancing class, moment of emotion

I like sweeping strokes.

Through my drawings and paintings I capture feelings from my life quickly and efficiently.

“Brush strokes are strong and fluid, with detail added in the final stages.”


I like simplicity and efficiency.

My ‘Suggestive Of’ works move beyond realism to create works that are loose, colourful and expressive.

“Through my drawings and paintings I capture feelings from my life quickly and efficiently”

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The Caravan Schoolhouse

On the Gallery Wall


While AbEx and Art Brut investigations encouraged her adventurous nature as well as her brave and bold approach to life, her works also include expressionist elements. Her art style doesn’t always shout ‘warning emotions on show here’, but they are there. As her experiences and confidence grew Jennifer worked her way from soft, subtle colours in static like images to a kaleidoscopic range of colours in realistic abstract images.

My Bush, acrylic on board

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in Agnes Town

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