Granny Jen is Missing

About the Book

A story about success, and reality, for young readers, with a spotlight on behaviour and relationships.

By Jennifer M Ryan
34 pages, Balboa Press
(Lower and Middle grades 5 – 12 years)

Granny Jen

is Missing

Hiding lessons and morals in a children’s story might seem a bit unfair, but fairy tales have have done that since the Brothers Grimm. This kid lit book has something to say about relationships and disappointment..

Mister Christian

Joey the Roo

The Emu Mob

Jennifer M Ryan cast a chorus of Australian native and farm animals. They each react to events and actions, bullying, and helping, as either protectors or punishers. Their behaviours mimic human behaviours, born of habits, insecurities and jealousy.

Tabby and Ruby unknowingly unlock their restraints, and while they act with good intentions, mostly, many actions are questionable. The girls have grit and determination, and walk an Australian farm in search of their Granny.

The Author

  1. experienced & highly qualified teacher, administrator & tutor
  2.  designed, developed, analysed and implemented many ‘safe at school‘ programs
  3. passionate about giving children the space to speak openly and honestly about their concerns.

“Very worried, Baby Roo hopped away to tell everyone what he’d heard. Kooka became so sad he could not laugh. The goat mob chomped angrily on some weeds. The monitor lizard turned up. Sam the Carpet Snake slid over. They all wanted to find Mr. Christian.”

PROFILE IMAGE Jennifer's favourite roo

“Constantly seeking perfection influences perception of success. ”

Jennifer M Ryan

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This 34 page, soft cover, full colour kid lit book is about success. It spotlights behaviour, consequences and relationships in a very gentle way. Soft cover, full cover kids lit, 34 pages (ages 5 - 12).

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