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Despite dabbling in art projects for a few decades, it was not until 2015  that I  seriously looked at how I could create art works. It was not quite forced upon me, however, definitely  not in my master plan.

My circumstances changed and I had a lot of time on my hands. Creativity had never been an issue. I determined to channel it, investigate streams of art and develop some skills.

My one important motto became: if you create art, you need to show it to others.

I did not want to become a closet artist, and immediately began submitting artworks to local exhibitions, created social media profiles and groups, and submitted works to more distant exhibitions.

View my artists CV (wayback recovered page) here:

Being mostly confined to my verandah, or my beloved little blue car,  I looked to online artist communities as a source of information, advice and encouragement.

Without formal training in painting or drawing, until 2018, I always felt under whelmed by my works. Brave I am however, and can work day and night to achieve a goal. I worked consistently for five years to the point where others now recognize works as mine.

i'm waiting for your Email:  [email protected] Tel: 61 749747810

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