Doing a Mr Christian

Mr christian

Mr Christian is the villain in the ‘Granny Jen is Missing’. story He is having a very bad day – telling lies, tricking little girls, and writing a mischievous poem. 

Somehow, he decides doing these things will turn the day into a good one. It didn’t. There was no way it could. 

Luckily for him, Granny Jen understood he was sad, or worried.  

Now, in our family ‘doing a Mr Christian means someone’s behaviour is unusual, and someone needs to do a ‘Granny Jen and help out.

Mr Christian needs a friend

doing a mr christian

Trying to fix a problem by hurting someone else.

doing a granny jen

Not judging without knowing what is really happening.

building strong relationships

Helping Out

being a trickster

Tricking people is not fair. Unless you are playing a game.

Trust is more important than being a trickster. It is hard to trust a trickster

Mr Christian caused Tabby and Ruby to walk a long way. He didn’t want them to find their Granny.

The Roo Mob did not trust Mr Christian. They guessed he was lying, and really scared him.

baby roo granny jen hero

Baby Roo

was really scared when he heard the song ... Granny Jen's not with Ben, he may never see her again ..."

bush turkey

understood that being a quiet observer can be very helpful. She was a hero.

mr christian

was very lucky Granny Jen understood he was just having a bad day, and that he is a good rooster really.

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