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Decision Making is the current Advance workshop course. The DMS (option 1) consists of 4 workshops. Pre-taped videos, a workbook and access to a Facebook group (private). The DMS with Webinar (option 2) follows a similar format to option 1, except there are 5 session and at least one webinar where we can look at individual needs.

Free Email course

December 2020

How it Works

Once you’ve signed up for the course, Jennifer will email you 5 informative, and possibly life changing, emails in 5 sequential days.

You engage with the emails. Complete some simple tasks, and start applying the principles you’ve learnt.

Cost: Free

Why Join in

Decision making skills are often acquired randomly, to suit specific circumstances.

This often results is less than idea skill gathering.

These emails will take you through 5 steps to help you achieve Decision Making skills that others notice.

I Kid You Not!

Advanced Course

Will be offered again in 2021

How it Works

Once you’ve signed up for the course, Jennifer will email you some introductory reading materials.

You read the material. Complete some simple tasks, and on May 18th login into the first of 3 webinars

Cost: AU$20.00 for the full course

Valued Skills

Consistent Set of Steps 100%
Thinking Skills 100%
Identifying Stakeholders 100%
Techniques for Analysis 100%
Leadership Skills 100%