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Flipping my DNA

... The turn ... away from IT to R-T

Just over five (5) years ago I was challenged: are you going to be an emerging artist for ever? Or What! “Well heck no,” I thought. I said, “What. How do I not do that ” Since that moment I’ve let my long-held belief, that creativity affects individual and
community experiences and expectations – for the better, lead the way to an unknown future.



From the moment I walked into a classroom in a University of WA Summer School in watercolour I knew this is where I belonged. That was 1995. It wasn’t until 2015 that I was challenged to make a decision. Who was I. Artist or not?

Weekend fREEDOM

Sketch the Bush

A Quiet Pleasure

A pleasure for this artist that I do when sitting under trees on a yellow picnic setting. Only been doing this for 10 years. I have sketchbooks full of pencil, pastel and chalk works. I do some of my very best work amongst the trees.

Digital Playground

Mixing and Matching

Jennifer has University degrees in Computer Science and Educational Computing. She started mixing IT with R-T activities in the early 1990s! Her first digital camera was a pen, with 1mp and ROM only memory. This beginning grew like topsy, snuck into classes and studies and her small businesses.

Being Abstract

Not Much Else to Say

If there’s something that has been constant for the past 10 years, it is abstract paintings. I can’t explain it, but once I discovered AbEx through Coursera and MoMA, and Art Le Brut through art history research,They taught me other ways to look and see the world.

Practice makes perfect

I have always had hectic schedules. Work or Play. I knew the only way to improve my art knowledge, skills and understandings was to ‘do it’. Just like computing. To understand my subjects I practice in  real environments – plein air from the verandah; mornings for sketching and drawing; evenings pastels and acrylics . The best way to answer questions and meet  challenges.

Road Trips

Hot balloon travel could be good, but road trips are my thing. In addition to the constantly changing landscapes and communities, the opportunity to take photographs, talk about my art and experiment with gay abandon.  The pleasure places everything in perspective. The world is vast,  out in it I can transfer unique  moments of time so they are available in another time and place.

Learn from the Web

Joining courses and building on the options I cal already see. I make sure every course, workshop and support group is relevant, understandable and in line with my personal preferences.

Working hours

On-line only. I do what I can when I can. But ... I am just one person.

I am here

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