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I am an adventurous person. Adventurous people make great artists and writers because they set their own guides and standards; unafraid of experimentation. Regularly seeking techniques  that convey their passions, emotions and feelings.

Quotes can inspire hope and change that encourages artists. One I read when I’m checking out if I want to continue with current creative projects

“Art worlds provoke some of their members to create innovations they then will not accept. Some of these innovations develop small worlds of their own.” — Howard S. Becker, Art Worlds, 1982 [4]

Heart Start

When you decide to paint there is no ‘book of rules’ with stages, or per-requisites listed in a logical order, full of references and how-tos. However, artists starting  in their retirement will take a different path than those starting in primary school.

I started to paint, and sketch just to see what it was like. How my brain worked. Then I started doing workshops, online courses (Coursera) and joined an on-line community of artists. I discovered I prefer creating abstract art. A #coursera course in #AbEx from #MOMA opened my eyes and showed me a path to my creativity.

Jennifer started to write daily to see what it was like to set creative challenges- a bit like her process to creating art! and to ‘give it a go’ with whatever abilities I had.

The first step was, diary or notebook beside the bed for nighttime jottings.


Feb 2004

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