Jennifer M Ryan

My first solo exhibition was in Gladstone Queensland in 2019. Prior to that I had participitated in over 20 group exhibitions and art shows. Including a minor digital exhibition at MoMA New York. My work has been described as unique, with a mastery of colour that is all my own. My paintings are in collections throughout the Australia.


“Born October 26, 1954 in Pemberton Western Australia, she gave up dreams of a tennis career to complete her Year 12 at high school.  After 3 years study, she commenced a highly successful career as a teacher and school administrator.  At the age of thirty five, she discovered that living with Lupus and Rheumatoid Diseases would change a few things. She eagerly moved into the IT in education movement and devoted herself to introducing best and innovative practices in Computing and IT Education.

This decision lead to her taking on network management, teacher training and state level curriculum leader. In 2009 she decided enough was enough, she retired.

It took a few years of taking photographs while seated in a car, attending art workshops before the emerging artist appeared. Working predominantly in oils and acrylic paints and oil pastels, Ryan takes inspirations from diversity – the constant movement in a quiet rural life, the freedom of abstractions and the Ar Le Brut approach, eternal diversity in trees and clouds – but the understanding that underlies her work is uniquely her own.

Her original art style has become recognizable in her local area. The freedom of the brushstrokes, the creative use of colour and the ability to bring lightness and brightness to her works are regularly recognized by artists and art collectors.”

Basically Blue Exhibition

Things I look for:

  • where did that come from?
  • amazing ideas.
  • Feminine beauty
  • brilliant colours,
  • great composition.
Oil Pastel abstract


While difficult to pin down, I do have a core that centres around my idealistic definition of 'equality'. I understand its never going to happen, but I also know it starts me. Whatever the cost.



My philosophy, "It doesn't really matter what happens in the future. Today. No, this minute is what matters. Not because I may not get another one. Because I am in this one."


"Education was always an internal driving force - I just needed to know stuff. While not ever being brilliant, I was an OK student. My biggest challenge was learning and demonstrating skill in the curriculum, rather than pursuing my personal goals. "


Discovery Coast, Central Qld


$ 20AUD
  • Granny Jen is Missing, celebrates rural Australia.


  • An emerging artist, means I'm eclectic. Yes!
  • Abstract Expressionist
  • Digital Collages


  • This list is a reflection of how emerged I am. This traces my life ... as a tapestry of colour,surprises and inspiration.

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