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Jennifer is an Experience Coach

And Coaching

Coaching and mentoring

Courses and resources offered by me have several core philosophies

  1. Decision Making can be learned
  2. Decisions made and Actions taken today are your tomorrow
  3. Guidance helps people achieve their goals.

I am an experienced teacher, coach, tutor and mentor. Coaching, where I can support learners/clients achieve their specific goals, is important to me.

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At the Decision Desk

When it comes to decision times, having some sayings, mottos, sage advice that any coach would be proud of. That’s why I like them. And, because achieving goals gets easier each time you use them.

  • Have your eyes on the prize. Rephrased as ‘know what you want and make decision that can make dreams true’.
  • Only look backward to check your still on the right track. Meaning, changes in philosophy and direction must be supported if specific goals are to be achieved.
  • Be nice. In other words, don’t play games, value the people around you. Especially those supporting and guiding you – even when the lessons are difficult.

I do have more, and I sprinkle them in newsletters and emails. Learners receive my Wisdom Posters in their courses and workshops.

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Words of Wisdom Sample Posters

Easy steps to a successful parent / teacher meeting.

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Awaken Your Creative Spirit

Write A Kids Book

A series of webinars: From Go to Wo!

Personal Development

Career and personal skill development

Develop your decision making

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Free Intros

Short, email courses to give you a taster.

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Be a Painter

Not an artist 🙂

Life is an opportunity

Your chance to create, to connect, to see on many levels. I like to see my life as a   creative story. A story that my family be happy to tell, and read, to the next generations.

Become a curator of your own thoughts

Not sure where to start. Contact Me. We can look at your options. Freebies as well as paid workshops an courses.

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  • Granny Jen is Missing, children's book. Celebrates rural Australia.


  • An emerging artist, means I'm eclectic. Big Yes here.
  • Abstract Expressionist
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  • This is a real reflection of how emerged I am. This really shows life as a tapestry of surprises and inspiration.

Playing with cameras

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Pictures & Words

I don’t want to change the world. But when I think about my world, I want my family to know they can count on me. My words are to show them “I’ts gunna be alright! I got this.”

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