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Jen’s Drawings, Paintings combine Stories Abstractly

Artist and Author Read about ‘Life through Jen’s artist eyes’ Drawing had never been part of Jennifer Ryan’s life. She expresses it as an itch she couldn’t identify. She sought other ways to communicate her feelings and ideas. Diary entries, poetry and short stories were part of her everyday. She always travels with writing/drawing tools and […]

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Exhibition: ‘Solitary Freedoms’ of an Artist

Solitary Freedoms … thoughts before I begin from IT 2 RT … a quickie overview I’ve been taking stock of my Art Life, again. Mainly because I’ve been putting another exhibition together.  Fighting myself to claim my dream. My art has never seemed more alive and dynamic, than it is today. My space is home […]

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Sitting on the Edge … fun?

Sitting on the edge of anything is fun. Especially when you are creative.

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May Blog: I’ve had time

October was long ago It has been a while, but I have managed to make some changes to how I think about my art. // – // What I did I decided to tell my story through my art. Then discovered I already was.Georgia O’Keeffe is an American artist I really admire. Reading a review […]

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July is making Minimalist moments visible

I retraced my Australian steps to create the perfect minimalist excursion for you. Artist. Musician. Interior Designer. Logo. Clothing. Life Style. Philosophy.

I discovered some minimalist tendencies, of most of them, in my past.

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380 Pages = 380 Decisions

JenMR Watch Jennie Jo’s YouTube Channel YouTube started out as a distraction, a toy, a long time ago. Watch Her videos I love online learning. Can’t help it. Keeps the boredom away. A few weeks ago, I enrolled in a ‘how to get a publishing contract‘ course on Facebook. I know! Dumb. I thought that […]

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Feast on East

GOOD NEWS GRANNY JEN’s FIRST Feast on East MARKET STALL 24th JUNE 2019 Granny Jen is Missing Children’s Picture Book Local Author Pictures from local area Australian animals Australian Fable FULL COLOUR PICTURES kangaroos kookaburra emus lizards magpie green frog and more Book Information Can’t make it to The Markets? Buy your book online. Includes […]

art artists Australia Local Artists Queensland Studio Agnes Artists

Studio Agnes Showcasing Local Artists

The August record of Artists Matter @ Studio Agnes is available now. Note: edit and last slide buttons are not active This group celebrates and shares the work, plans and ideas of  artists and creative people of the Discovery Coast Area of Central Coastal Queensland. We are a small group, in a small area of a […]

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