For the Minimalists Out There

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July is making Minimalist moments visible

I retraced my Australian steps to create the perfect minimalist excursion for you. Artist. Musician. Interior Designer. Logo. Clothing. Life Style. Philosophy.

I discovered some minimalist tendencies, of most of them, in my past.

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Jen the fabulist

ATTENTION: Aesop Fable Lovers 06/17/2020 “Having Trouble FINDING UNIQUE KIDS BOOKS, with a story as well as a message?” YOU ARE IN LUCK!  I’m going

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June is Tune Up Time

Choosing to speak or write the ‘wrong’ word can be catastrophic.

Choosing to speak or write the ‘incorrect’ word can be confusing.

I know which mistake I’d prefer to make.

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May is Decision Making Month

The Caravan Schoolhouse Agrees with That Decision Making Choices. Problem Solving. Decision Traps.   EVERY DAY THERE’S AN OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE THE WHAT YOU DO,

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Sharing is Caring. Jen's motto for the Caravan.

Jen also Paints

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