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I am an adventurous person. Adventurous people make great artists and writers because they set their own guides and standards; unafraid of experimentation. Regularly seeking techniques  that convey their passions, emotions and feelings.

Quotes can inspire hope and change that encourages artists. One I read when I’m checking out if I want to continue with current creative projects

“Art worlds provoke some of their members to create innovations they then will not accept. Some of these innovations develop small worlds of their own.” — Howard S. Becker, Art Worlds, 1982 [4]

My story 1

For some reason, unknown to me, my days begin and end with gratitude and joy. I’ve pondered this a few times over the years, “What allows me to always see a better option?” My life hasn’t followed a highway or freeway. I usually find myself on the tourist route. It usually meant I had time to listen and hear; to learn and earn in the education sphere before I finally admitted “I’d like to be an artist!”

My commitment to art began slowly. Eventually I was able to offer works and services that helped me move into a richer and more fulfilling life. Taking advantage of the free  lessons on the Internet and meeting a small group of local artists I had a few years one of true change,  personal growth  in an amazing journey.

My story 2


I have always forced myself to ‘share/show’ my artwork. This year I have out done myself.

  • Booked for an exhibition at a gallery I really admire
  • Painted a pole in a local community street art project
Oil Pastel abstract
Family Party

View ‘The Nose’ on Instagram

Agnes, oil pastel on paper
  • Submitted 2 works to our local 1770 Art Show, new direction shared!
  • Submitted 4 works to a Gladstone exhibition
Deca Dance
See the final version, @jenniferpaints on IG
The Minimal Man, JenMR
Oil Pastel on recycled paper

The Roamin’ is one of a set of 3. All showing my interest in history.

#2 A Family, view on Instagram

#3 Studio Agnes

My story 3

Deca Dance (AKA ..200924 .. abc)
This work is a response to a Flying Arts Rural Exhibition focus – decadence. Immediately linking to William Blake, and a yellow book, I discovered a short lived era of ‘decadence’ in art history. Despite several attempts my drafts could not be converted to paintings successfully. Ready to move on, I just couldn’t do it and decided instead to explode the concept.  A final version emerged.
Working to avoid a formulaic or predictable harmonies and repetitions, I sought to present many moments, overlayed and contrasted, whilst holding the concept of ‘time and place’, for a long time.
This version of the painting, was created at a restrained pace, until late 2020, when a sense of urgency accompanied the ‘thought explosion’. It was completed within days.
Jennifer Ryan @jenniferpaints


The second 1770 Art Show entry was originally envisioned in 2018, this piece has had many re-incarnations. Each one contained the central ‘flame’ of hair. Printed on coffee mugs, I sold it as ‘It’s a flare, Man”. Supporting this figure with one of my Secret Twin, Lupus, and placing them on the farm gave it the solidity and relevance I had been seeking.
Created at a relaxed pace, beginning on Christmas Eve 2020, allowed me to enjoy the process of revealing the story as layers and elements were added.

Image coming soon.

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in Agnes Town

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