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At home on the farm

I’m someone who likes to connect and build relationships. Now I’m turning those skills into writing. I will write about almost anything, given the right time and place.

I have written a newspaper column about NDRL Rubgy League football. competition.

What else would you like to know?

I love the Australian bush, and choose to live in the middle of it.
With kangaroos grazing on the ‘wastelands’ and the back lawn. The peacocks  letting us know they’re around at all times of the night.

I  take photographs for fun, and volunteer way too much!

Not enough info? Lets play  20 questions! These questions will tell you a little about me. Your answers will tell you about you

1. What animal would you choose to teach you something?

2. Awe and wonder are great feelings. When did you last experience awe and wonder?

3. When, if ever, would you choose to play taize?

4. Would you go out of your way to meet an author? Which one, or ones?

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 5. Music for the soul. For you is it drums, saxophone, piano or something else?

6. Personal jubilation. What a great feeling. When did you last feel it?

7. Would you like to be paid for being yourself? No other expectations.

8. Describe the best sight you’ve ever seen.

9. If you had the opportunity to travel the world alone, would you do it?

10. Do you think you could contact an old friend, to apologise for a secret wrong you had done them?

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 11. What’s your most favourite word?

12. If a close friend told you an obvious lie, would you challenge them?

13. Would you prefer to drive on a country road, a freeway or a tree lined street?

14. What is the biggest accomplishment of a close relative?

15. Look 5 years into the future, are you sitting under a tree, beside the ocean or behind glass?

16. Do you check for new of every outlet or avoid them all?

17. Do you believe the music or the musician is the more important?

18. Go back to when you were 10 years old, what’s your favourite thing?

19. Do you believe in luck?

Thanks for Hanging In! Just one question to go.

20. How would you respond to a keyboard warrior? Or, would you just ignore them.