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How I can help you be an #author

Writing for Young Adults (#YA)
A Resource Book

Because being an author is not easy, I’m on it. I’m Here to Help.

you could be an author before you go back to school. Amazing! Huh!
Think Author
Go All In
Go to the End
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Oral Story Telling Activity

About Jennie

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Love to read | Let others Love to read your stuff!

There is no better, almost no better, feeling than getting feedback from a reader who LOVES your story. Trust me:

Jennifer completed many years of tertiary study-including studying and teaching  primary, middle and secondary students. In secondary schools she taught digital design, media and communication, but managed to ignore an ever present urge ‘to get more creative’. 

Unexpectedly, in 1993, circumstance and synergy combined to expose a determined and energetic investigative creative spirit. While continuing full-time employment, she started writing poems weekly, short stories regularly and painting every weekend.

After retiring from full time employment she opened a tutoring business, giving her scope to expand the how and what of what she did. Writing books for preschoolers started in 2012. She has self published several books, and is now making her Boost Tute resources available online.

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Jennie At Work Writing
Jennifer wrote this is 2012: About Her future In Jennifer's words, "It doesn't really matter what happens in the future. Today. No, this minute is what matters. Not because I may not get another one. Because I am in this one.
This is Who She Is
Her Constant Philosophy

Feet: a Writing Resource Book

Author Jennifer Ryan's tutoring workbook
Being Literate "is good" Behind this page are 6 steps to writing a story others want to read. You'll find

6 pages of

  • ideas,
  • activities and
  • images, and

a final page that has  contact details  for Boost Tutoring. These are not correct now.

You can find my contact details here: connect with me

Feet, a Book for
Emerging Writers

Becoming An Author, Resource Book
Au 2
  • Ebook, pdf

I’ll email you a link once I receive payment. Make sure your email address is included in payment details. Jennie

Book includes 7 sequential activities

      • Each building on the previous.

      • Each becoming more informative, challenging.

Final task is a unique writing challenge for a Young Adult (#YA) audience.

extract page from Feet Resource Book

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