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Oil Paint, large canvas


The Year of COVID, the year of staying at home. That was fine. It was also a year to reconnect with my adventurous artistic self. Lots of Instagram posting (@jenniferpaints). Curating my works is not an art I have mastered. So a bit of everything (drafts, plans, canvas works, paper works, photographs…).


Lots of local traveling and animal photographs. 2016 the year Boost Tutoring was scaled down. 2017 the year Granny Jen is Missing was published. All local photographs taken by me. Started to get serious about Abstract works. The image on the left was a major turning point.


A passion for ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM via MOMA and Coursera. As a result, I can now say I have had a work displayed in MoMA New York. At the end of the course student’s were invited to submit one piece for inclusion in a digital display. Sadly, I couldn’t make it to NY for the opening night celebrations.


Saw a Rothko Exhibition. I was in big time.

Abstract art works seemed to just flow out of the brush, pencil, feather!, pastel after that. This work was created the day I returned from a 10 day hospital stint.


Acrobatic Dance
As soon as I discovered the C64 that I really engaged with them. When IT got really exciting I was teaching a secondary school, and used XL as a graphic tool to explain pixels. I purchased a digital pen camera, with only ROM. That's how I got here.
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Past & Contemporary

I had avoided oil paint. Even though I had been gifted a full kit by a local stranger - Two Rocks Western Australia After struggling to enjoy acrylic painting I dug out the box and started to experiment. The shock of the enjoyment of the paint on the brush and how it moved across the page was enough.

Oil Paint

Lyrical Dance

Students Shout Out

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Studio Size: 42ft x 21ft
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, Sound System, Dressing Room, Kitchen, Toilets

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Studio Size: 68ft x 37ft
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, Sound System, Dressing Room, Kitchen, Toilets

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